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Research Core Facilities

Functional Genomics Core Facility
PI's: Michael Franklin
Manager: Joanna Gress
Suite 100, Chem Modular North; 406.994.5666
Affy, Nimblegen & CustomArrays; qPC
R; nucleic acid QC

Metabolomics Core Facility
PI's: Valerie Copie & Edward Dratz
Manager: Brian Tripet
103 Chemistry/Biochemistry Building
GC- & LC-MS and NMR based metabolite profiling

Proteomics Core Facility
PI: Brian Bothner
Manager: Jonathan Hilmer
103 Chemistry/Biochemistry Building
Agilent GC, Bruker & Agilent Ion Traps

Bioinformatics Core
PI: Michael Franklin
Sr. Bioinformatician: Aurelien Mazurie
Suite 101, Chemistry Modular South; 406.994.5689
Systems modeling, 'omic data analysis

Other Cores
ARC Animal Resource Center
CBE Microscopy Facility
ICAL Imaging & Chemical Analysis Lab
TEM Facility
VMB FACS Cellular Analysis

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